One thing that the murder of George Floyd has shown us is that we are all connected. Watching the video was for me like seeing my brother, my father or my son being murdered. I grieved with millions of other black people because of all the pain that we had hidden away from the past, so that we could continue with our life, reemerged. George Floyd was a symbol off all the pain, anger, and sorrow that we have been through because of the color of our skin. When George Floyd was murdered the rage and sorrow that erupted spread hastily from one country to another. The world erupted and it was as if a lot of people woke up and saw the truth before them even though it was an ugly truth. There was no more escaping racism because it was right in front of them. And we all knew that it was time. It was time to make a change. It was time for people to see that things must change for all of us to move forward. The systematic racism that is in all our societies cannot be silenced anymore. We are all part of the change and change comes in many ways.
The work is just beginning.